1) How will I receive my Steam Game Codes/Gift Links?

A: We will email you the code 10 minutes – 24 hours after payment. If you don’t see it in your inbox, MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM!

2) I haven’t received my codes yet!?

A: Please FIRST check your Junk/Spam folder(s); if you still can’t find it, email us and we will double check it to ensure delivery was successful!

3) I paid for my minecraft server, how come I haven’t gotten any login info or anything?

A: We are setting up the VPS within 24 hours of your payment! You will be getting an email from us real soon with all your server information.

4) My Steam Key/Gift Link shows the game as “Invalid”

A: If you tried to redeem the code/link, make sure to close steam and reopen it and see if the game has already been added to your library. This has happened a couple of times already where it tries to redeem the same code twice even though you already have it.

5) How can I contact or email you guys?

A: Go to our contact page

6) Can I apply for a coupon to share with my friends and family and help increase your sales?

A: Sure! We are already sharing some coupons, and we would love to get more sales! Who wouldn’t!? Head on over to our contact page

7) Can I get a refund for a game I already redeemed?

A: No! Once you have redeemed the game and the code is invalid, we can not return your money no matter the reason (I don’t like the game, I don’t need it anymore. the game stinks.. etc.)

8) I don’t see my question here!

A: Contact us and if we get asked it frequently, we will add it to this page!