Day 70


Today I went to get my brace tighten for the first time. It isn’t hurting at the moment, but I’m sure I was “Feel it in the morning” =D

I made a Vlog post today on my YouTube for those who have subscribed. You can head over straight to the video by clicking here
I got 4 Dr. Mikes Money tokens today. And they hit a gong there and scared me for a second. haha, she said “Ben got 4 tokens today! Yay!” 
I felt like a 5 year old at first. 
But she made me feel better by saying “It has been a while since someone got 4 tokens.”

I asked Mom to take me through Starbucks cause I had a card, otherwise I wouldn’t have. haha
I got a Vanilla Bean Frap.
Which of course I speak about it in the video, so you have to watch! =)

Here are some photos from today

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  • Ooooo… Treating yourself to a frappe… 🙂 nice.