Day 8 (Got my Braces!)


The big moment is here!

I got my braces! It took a good bit of time to get it because they had to put the spacer back and we had to wait an extra hour for that. But after that I went in and got my braces =)
They also whiten my teeth a good bit. Also said I had NO plague on my teeth and I got a token for it =) Yea me!

They are starting to hurt a little, but NOTHING like the spacers were hurting me. I choose to get the Silver color for now till the next visit. I want to get use to the braces first before I put a color like blue on there, which I think I want next time. What color do you think I should get? 

Here’s a picture of me with the braces, but right before they put the wire in. 

Night before I got Braces (Day 7 Night, or 12/4/12)

I also have some thing I can’t eat, so if you see me eating these STOP me! Lol XD

1. HARD FOODS may do damage by bending the wires, loosening the cement under the bands, or breaking the brackets and
tubes that are attached to the bands. Some of the foods of this type are listed below with ways they may be eaten — if

  • CORN ON THE COB Should be cut off the cob.
  • RAW CARROTS  Cut into carrot “curls” which are thin. Chew with the back teeth.
  • CELERY Chew with the back teeth.
  • APPLES Cut into wedges.
  • POPCORN ABSOLUTELY NOT!! The hard kernels are murder on the wires 
  • and brackets! The husks can get trapped between teeth and gums 
  • causing serious swelling and infection.
  • HARD BREAD Tear off pieces and DON’T bite into the crust with the front teeth.
  • ICE CUBES DON’T chew ice cubes!

2. STICKY FOODS damage appliances by bending the wires and pulling the cement seal loose.  Stay away from gummy
bears, taffy, sugar daddies, caramels, and suger gum.
*Sometimes it O.K. to chew sugarless gum for the first two days after your appointment if your teeth really hurt—
the chewing action helps the teeth feel better.

3. FOODS HIGH IN SUGAR CONTENT should be avoided–especially between meals!  Brush your teeth thoroughly and
immediately after eating any really sweet foods or snacks.
Take a toothbrush to school with you!

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  • I had braces when I was younger as well, and the thing that frustrated me the most about them wasn’t the pain or the maintenance they needed. I actually found those very easy to deal with. The thing that I resented most was all the food I couldn’t eat! Hahaha! I was so glad to finally get them off, but then my teeth looked so good that I spent the first few days fearing that if I ate anything from the list of food I couldn’t eat with the braces on, my teeth would go back to what they were before! Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. How are you coping with your braces?