Survey *CLOSED* Here’s the Results 3/27/13


I closed the survey and to my surprised I saw a striking 59 votes for pink! And 61 for Lime Green. A total of 159 votes!! I really wonder who voted all these?! The votes were done anonymous  so I have no idea if you voted, and if you did; I don’t know what you voted for. All future surveys will be done the same way.

Lime Green wins followed by Pink.
I will be getting Lime Green come April 3rd which is only 1 week away! 
If you like me getting Lime Green; +1 This post

I will also post pictures the same day of how they look. I’m gonna also do a Vlog on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, go subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will see an icon below to my channel.

I want to hear what you think below in the comments. 

Do you think I should get rainbow next time? 

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