Vlog 4/3/13 *Braces Adjustments + Frappe?!

Lime Green!

New Vlog! 4/3/13

I finally got my video uploaded =) YES! Also; It’s in 1080p. 
So take advantage of that and watch it in 1080p!



Not many photos since I spent most of my time on the Vlog instead. 


This morning I woke up with a really sore mouth! It is hurting like crazy; but still nothing like the Spacers. Ouch! Hurts to even think about em. I probably won’t be chewing on meat or really eating much anytime soon. The teeth that hurt are the K9 teeth; Which we are trying to move to fill in the gap where they took my two teeth out
But coffee always helps sooth the pain, as well Sherbet does. Just don’t over do it on the sugar, cause it even hurts to brush your teeth with it this sore. But don’t worry I’m still brushing my teeth. haha

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  • Ok… So that’s what you do when I go in to Goodwill. 🙂 hope your mouth gets better soon. Pain is Progress!! Hang in there. It’ll be worth it..

  • “Pain is progress”
    That is so true.. and painful =P

    • Dude.. You look like Luke.. With braces.. Scary. You do have a unibrow like me tho -__- might wanna take care of that..

  • I think I look like Ben.. with braces.. Awesome. And I could grow one if I wanted I suppose, but it isn’t my type of hair, so yeah I do take care of it. Thanks for the comment though 🙂

  • Mcmjlm is your bro Matt BTW.. xD oh.. An officialmattyicemartin.. Didn’t want you to think it was a random stalker.. Or am I..

    • How could I forget your username =D I know all your accounts… 0_0 Now who is the stalker? WAHAWAhhh

  • Scary..

    • Brothers will be brothers ! Progress in the works. Lol. Hang on……
      Luv ya. Gamma