You’re a Chameleon

You're a Chameleon

As I reflect on the faces I’ve seen, the places I’ve been, and the people I’ve known personally, I can say that people are people and you can’t trust first impressions. They wear a mask. Or better yet, they change to match who they are around, a Chameleon.

The same way you’re gonna put on “your best” when you meet a new individual, or you’re visiting the boy/girlfriends family the first time, you try to impress them and make your best impression right? I’ve found often, moreso like 80% of the time, you’re not meeting the real person behind the scenes. And this can lead impression is something you use to try and judge if this will be a good or bad connection/influence on your life.

I’m not the first to experience this and perhaps you’ve been tripped/tricked before yourself by a misleading impression. Don’t get discouraged though! There are genuine people who are still the same even behind closed doors or behind your back. There are people who are their true colors from the first time you meet them, behind your back, or years down the road they treat you the same. These, my dear reader, are the kinds of friends you want to have your back.