Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive Review

Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive

An excellent SSD upgrade for any Laptop! Love their Momentum Cache too! Sent my speeds flying 10x faster on Seq reads & writes!

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• Hot Tip: If you buy this, download their software to use Momentum Cache! Here is the link you won’t regret it!


• Super fast read and write speeds with Momentum Cache enabled!!
Seq (Q32T1) 2635 MB/s Read – 3021MB/s Write
4K (Q32T1) 339.3MB/s Read – 304MB/s Write
Seq 4343MB/s Read – 3700MB/s Write
4K 359.3MB/s Read – 306.3MB/s Write
• Easy firmware updates, and has encryption disk options native to the software.
• Super easy to setup and migrate from HDD to the SSD. I used EaseUS ToDo Backup Free to migrate all my data over. The partition master wants you to upgrade to pro, but their backup software will let you do it free.

• I had issues using the included Acronis Data Migration due to my Dell laptop has UEFI secured boot enabled. Which caused it to fail every time I tried. SO I used the software mentioned above, EaseUS ToDo Backup free to migrate my data over without any issues.
• The Crucial Storage Executive software using your internet browser to manage the settings. I’d honestly prefer it use it’s on GUI instead of the Chrome/Firefox browser. Would be nice to see this added in an update.

So overall, would I suggest you buy this for your Laptop or external drive enclosure? ABSOLUTELY YES! Without a second thought.
I’d highly suggest Crucial over Kingston because Kingston doesn’t have any alternative software benefit like caching. Only Crucial and Samsung do I think. Correct me if I missed a brand that does offer it.