Squooshi Filling Station + New Larger G.O. 8 Pack! Review

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Product Image

Let me tell you, this is a LIFESAVER when you have grandkids or guests over that have kids! Perfect for refreshing them during the Summer or just as a snack in the evening.
Take a look at my photos for a closer look at what it looks like for Yogurt to be inside them. I also show you a good type of Yogurt you can get from Wal-Mart for the kids.

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• Easy to fill with Yogurt or Fruit Smoothies. I prefer to pour into them rather than using the included tool for filling them.
• Tight Childproof “No-Spill” zip-up seal on the bottom
• Just overall awesome for any grandparents or people who have kids over often!

• Wish the packets were transparent so you can see all the left over Yogurt and food when cleaning
• Wish the Push-down tool when filling the packets wasn’t so hard. Have to really work it to make it work.
• May be difficult to clean if you don’t use something like a tooth-brush to get in the corners and the tight areas.

Would give 5 stars if the packets were transparent…So sorry, but going with 4 stars because I do like the product 🙂

Overview: If you have kids over, your grandparents, or you have kids yourself; this is a great thing to have in the refrigerator. You can eat from them immediately, or put them in the fridge, or even FREEZE them! How awesome right? I’d recommend this to you if you have kids at all really. That’s how I feel. 🙂