Gift ideas for Guys 2015


Okay so I know what you’re searching; “What to give a guy in 2015” well here are some things I put on my wishlist this year, and perhaps you can get one for your man too. Whether it’s your son, boyfriend, or grandson, I’m sure one of these items will fit your budget.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member ($99 a year, or $49 if you’re a college student); then you can get FREE two-day shipping on any of these items that are marked *Prime*

These gifts are for a guy around 16-25 years old.

Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug WarmerMr. Coffee Mug Warmer

($7.99) *Prime*

This little gadget is good for those at desk jobs who also drink their coffee at work in a ceramic mug. I for one, do this very often! So a gift like this to warm my mug up, without having to run to the microwave, is a very handy, and perhaps needed, gift for a guy like me.

FM Transmitter With Phone HolderFM Transmitter With Phone Holder

($35.00) *Prime*

I don’t own a GPS in my car. So using my Android Smartphone is my only alternative when I need directions. But I’m a safe driver, and really hate looking down or away from the road. So a Car mount for my phone is just the the thing I need. This handy guy also comes with a FM Transmitter, so that the car can “Tune in” to the radio station of my phone, listen to the GPS directions, Listen to Music, or even carry on a conversation over the phone without looking away from the road.

Keychain Anti-loss Tracker Bluetooth 4.0Keychain Anti-loss Tracker Bluetooth 4.0

($7.91) *Prime*

Who hates losing their keys? *Raises hand* I’m a terrible guy for losing my keys, so something like this would be handy to use all the time. I’m not sure if this brand is a good one though, so make sure to look around and see if you find a better one.
This little guy can also be used for selfies with your smartphone! Neat huh?

Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie with Basic Knit, Color Charcoal

Bluetooth Beanie for Guys - Black

($39.99) *Prime*

Taking your finals? Driving around but hate wearing earbuds that annoy you?

This is the Bluetooth Beanie! It has music control buttons on the brown tag you see in the photo.

It has Speakers on the inside, which makes it feel as if you have headphones under the beanie, but you don’t! It’s just speakers that are made inside the beanie.

Pretty awesome really, and I think it’s a great gift for guys this Christmas.

It was also featured on a YouTube video called “The Best Holiday Tech Under $50! (2015)

Urbano Eco Trash CanUrbano Eco Trash Can

($24.95) *Prime*

Like being green?
Wanna have the “Slim” look to your bedroom or office? This is a handy little “walmart bag” using trash can to help you out!

Remee Sleeping Mask Lucid Dream InductionGift ideas for Guys 2015 1

($83.99) *Not Prime*

This, is just awesome! Have you ever been awake “Inside your dream?”
This is called having a Lucid Dream. And this mask will help you have more of them!
The reason you’d want to have a lucid dream, is so you can control your dream aspects, relive a memory like fishing with your past grandpa, or just remember how to make mash potatoes you learned from your mother the previous day 😛

Thermos Vacuum Insulated 18 Ounce Stainless Steel Hydration BottleThermos Vacuum Insulated 18 Ounce Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle

($15.99) *Prime*

Coffee gift again! I know, but this one is different, honest!
This is a vacuum insulated thermos that will help keep hot liquids hot for 24 hours!

Cold liquids are possible too! Just go check it out!

Morning MugMorning Mug - Changes when Hot

($5.44) *Prime*

This goes perfect with the Mug Warmer gift at the top!
It is a sleep when it’s cold, and wakes up nice and white when it’s hot!

A neat gift to give your guy cousin, or grandson.