How to save 15% on for April 2019


This is an exclusive deal for Discover IT or Discover IT Student card holders, and ebates members. If you aren’t either one, let me walk you through what to do!

11. Signup for a Discover IT card

There are a couple of reason you want to signup for this card.

How to save 15% on for April 2019 1

First, there is an exclusive 10% cashback with PayPal if you pay with your Discover IT credit card. Ends April 30st 2019!

Second, if you sign up as a NEW card holder, you actually DOUBLE that! So you’d get 20% cashback! Because the 1st year as a cardholder, Discover will Cashback Match all your cashback after the first year. 

22. Signup for Ebates

YOU WANT TO SIGNUP FOR EBATES! They have cashback on almost every store online. Including Walmart. I bought a bike for $98 and got $8 cashback. That’s 5%! Use my button below and YOU actually get $10 after your first purchase within 90 days of signing up. 

How to save 15% on for April 2019 2

After you signup with ebates, you want to either install the Chrome extension, or download their android/iphone app called “ebates” to shop on mobile. Let me say this.. I stood IN walmart, used the walmart app to scan items I wanted into my walmart account shopping cart. Then I went to the ebates app, selected Walmart from the search, logged into my walmart account and went to cart to see all the items I put in there. It’s about 6PM at this point. I go to checkout and select “Site to Store” and then selected PayPal and used my Discover IT card so I’d get the 10% cashback too. I completed my purchase, and went to the rep at the site to store. I asked if I could help complete and pickup the order I just placed. He checked his handheld device and saw the order. We went and got the items I scanned! Within 20 minutes I had scanned items through the Walmart app, then used Ebates app to make the purchase so I’d get more cashback, then used the PayPal option with my Discover IT card to get 10% cashback, and picked up my order and walked out of Walmart with my items 🙂 That is how you wheel and deal! 2 days later I got my ebates notification for the walmart shopping trip!! And next credit card statement I’ll get my 10% cashback from Discover. 

33. Repeat with other stores

Now that you have your Discover IT or Discover IT Student card, and maybe you’re a new cardholder. USE IT! You have cashback match on your side doubling all your gains! Use it with Ebates or even Honey (which I don’t use as often but still is good)

How to save 15% on for April 2019 3