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Allow me to apologize for my blog being down for a month. My hosting provider kinda broke my blog and I couldn’t fix it. I lost the most recent blog post due to this. I’ve reverted back to Blogger WordPress, so you can use either one of these domains to get to my blog.

Either one will work just fine.
I’ve imported most of my previous posts and will have to go through them to fix the broken images. I can assure you though that the only way for the blog to go down now is for either
I’ve made preparations for any of those cases though so please enjoy my blog.
Make sure to add the G+ Page for the blog into your Google+ Circle and +1 the site!
Make sure to add your email address to the NewsLetter list! I recommend you do that from the sidebar!
I’m surprised that my blog has gotten over 2k of views over the period of my braces!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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