Buy Amazon items with Bitcoins or Altcoins!


Did ya know

you can actually purchase items on Amazon with Bitcoins? Yep!

Even though Amazon doesn’t officially accept Bitcoins, there is a workaround that is fool-proof and can even save you 5% or more than the listing price ON Amazon.
You may be thinking, 

“So it’s Bitcoin + a 5% or more discount?”

Well, Yes, but that’s not all! You also get FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING at no charge! Totally man!

You can get two day shipping for free, plus the 5% discount, and use Bitcoins!

“What if I don’t have Bitcoins? I have Litecoins and DOGEcoins, even some Reddcoin”

Well you’re in luck! You can even use Altcoins to make the purchase and still get the discount & Free TWO day shipping!

So let me introduce to you – Buy Amazon Items with Bitcoins or Altcoins

Thanks to you can purchase Amazon Items 5% CHEAPER than the listing price, get FREE two day shipping, all with Bitcoins or Altcoins (Altcoins thanks to


How to Order on

How to order on

No need for a credit card or an Amazon account to save with Instant. No more copying and pasting wish list URLs. And no more waiting for your order to be taken.

Orders are purchased instantly and guaranteed by Purse.

So why buy gift cards from retailers for pesky reward points? Just search for what you want and save instantly.

You can deposit funds directly from your Coinbase wallet instantly, or send bitcoins to your purse and have them confirmed within 15 minutes!

What I did was send my bitcoins from my ChangeTip wallet to my purse and was confirmed within 10 minutes.

What are you waiting for?!

Try it out!

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