How to save over $600 on the Galaxy S10 – February 2019


You’ll learn how to purchase the new 2019 Galaxy S10 or S10+ for an end out-of-pocket price of $600; Let’s get into it! Here are 5 ways you could trim your costs on the purchase this month with Samsung!

Ways to get CashBack or Discounts on Galaxy S10

Trade-In old phone ($150 – $550)

Samsung has a trade-in program that is giving a pretty high price to older devices to convert you over to the new S10. This make it very appealing. I haven’t used their program before, but I have read criticism on the internet about it. My device, the Galaxy S8, doesn’t have any issues with it so I will assume the program will work fine for me. If you trade in a phone that Samsung gives you $550, you’d push the savings at the bottom way over $600 savings!

(Sidenote, they were offering $200 for my s8 towards a S9 purchase near Black Friday in 2018. Just kind of funny how they bump up their trade-in value because they know they NEED to convert the S8 users over to the S10, and this is the best way to do it.)

Possible value savings = $300 average (Goes from $150 up to $550 for the Note 9 tradein)

Ebates cashback $10


Samsung Education Discount (7.5% discount)

If you are a college student, or have an .edu email address, you SHOULD take advantage of the Samsung Education program. It essentially gives you the Taxes of your purchase back. Basically 0% from my experience because of the “Employee discount” on the checkout page. It comes to 7.5% discount.

As you see, in this example it gives $75 discount, and then charges $74 taxes. So consider this a way to have Samsung pay your Taxes on your purchase 🙂

Possible value savings = ~$75 (7.50% discount on a $1000 purchase.)

New credit card sign up ($50 – $200 cashback)

Here are credit cards you get a huge bonus when you make a large purchase(s) within the first 3 months. So if you plan to buy the Galaxy s10 or s10+ or even the 5G model later, you can get cash back on your card! 🙂 Plus you get the cashback % that credit card will give you. Normally this will be 1% unless they offer more.

I used this technique to save over $500 on my Matebook X Pro laptop purchase.

Possible value savings = ~$158 ($150 signup bonus + $8 cashback from 1% of $800 purchase)


Ebates (Get 3% Cashback) + $10 signup bonus

Possible value savings = ~$34 ($10 signup + $24 – 3% cashback on $800 purchase)

Verizon Two-Year Contract (Business or Grandfather plans only!)

This is an old way of doing it, but it is possible to really score good, but it requires special situation. You must be on a business plan, or grandfather plan that allows for Contracts. They usually give you a decent discount, such as this example. Note 9 retails for $12499.99 for the 512GB model. You’re seeing a $500 discount. The catch is you have to pay that inside your monthly bill for 2 years. 

Prices for Galaxy S10e, S10, & S10+ on Verizon Wireless 2 Year Contracts

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB – $249.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 256GB – $349.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB – $399.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB – $649.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB – $499.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB – $749.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1TB – $1099.99 (2 Year Contract) [$500 cheaper]


Summary – Final Savings

Total possible savings = $567 or higher if you trade in a phone with $550 value!!