Funny Tech April Fools’ Jokes from Today

April Fools Jokes 2015 Edition

The Tech April Fools Jokes 2015

Brace yourself for the April Fools Jokes from Tech companies like Google, Motorola, YouTube, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, etc..

Here are some worthy mention-able jokes played so far from the big guys.

If I missed some, link to them in the comments.

Pac-Man on Google Maps

You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps, at least FOR NOW. This could/is an April Fools Joke by Google. But it is a real one that you can acutally play, so go check it out!

I played it and it seems the controls are hard for me to get use to. Maybe you have a better chance though of winning than me! 😛


Google Panda

They went out on this one to make it seem real. But I could tell this was a prank by the way the crowd was acting and reacting to the statements. Not really your typical “press” crowd.. Most real reporters wouldn’t really care about clapping. They are reporting after all.

Anyway, I’m sure some people will enjoy this one 😉


Google party horn keyboard

Just…. No.


Google Smart Inbox

This was actually a good idea! Well, up to the part where there was apps on the side of the mailbox. The idea of it knowing when mail is instead of it and getting a push notification is actually an idea I’ve had for a while, but didn’t figure out a way to keep the mailbox within my Wi-Fi range. If someone could make a mailbox to do that, it would actually be neat!


Moto X Selfie Stick

Sadly, I have a feeling this mistaken as a real thing by hibsters xD


MS-DOS Mobile (Windows)

This one is just stupid really lol. The idea of going back to command prompt as the OS of a device is crazy. So this joke was easily seen as unrealistic.


Samsung Exynos ExoBoost

This one is a joke that hurts me in the geek-heart. I wish something like this was even possible! But I guess it’s always good to dream and get some laughs at far-fetched ideas.


T-Mobile – Unleashed Pets Plans

You can just go to this link to look at it. I won’t be embedding the video in this post.


So what do you think?

So which joke do you think was the best and most clever?

In my opinion I think the “Google Smart Inbox” was the most clever.

Leave a comment on which one you enjoyed the most!