Google Helpouts Released


Have you ever needed support with cleaning your computer? or maybe you wanted to learn the guitar that has been collecting dust in your closet?

Google has set out to bring the teachers to the students with their latest release, Google Helpouts.

Google Helpouts Released 1

Google Helpouts uses your Google+ account to connect you with the right person to give you support on a certain topic. I searched for “How to cook a pizza” but to my sorrow it showed no results.. So there is still a spot for someone to fill. =)

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If you have a computer or smartphone, you may be able to use it. All you need is..


    • Webcam


  • Good internet speed



  • Google+ Account



  • and a microphone




    • Google Helpouts App


  • Camera (internal)



  • Microphone (internal)



  • and a Google+ Account



Of course you will need to pay the “supporter” for helping you out. You get to see how much the “Helpout” will cost before starting.

Google Helpouts Released 2

You can either “Pay by Minute” or “Pay by Helpout”

It depends on how much and which way he/she wants to be paid for helping out.