How to mine Verge (XVG) with Nvidia GPU on Windows

How to mine Verge (XVG) with Nvidia GPU on Windows

So I’ve been mining Verge on my computer because I really think that the value of Verge (XVG) is gonna explode above $0.40 in the very near future. I’ve been using my Nvidia 750 Ti in my Windows 10 64bit computer with the ccminer-x64 program to mine verge. It’s super simple to get started! Seriously.

Download –

ccminer-x64.exe -a x17 -i 18 -o stratum+tcp:// -u D9GQt1WwMcAjfhqAfE5D26s63jHcyZmdP3.-p c=XVG

Simple replace D9GQt1WwMcAjfhqAfE5D26s63jHcyZmdP3 with your Verge wallet address in the command in the file Start YiiMP.bat; This could be an electrum wallet, real qt-wallet, or even an exchange wallet such as Binance. They accept Verge and let you exchange it for Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum  (ETH). I prefer exchanging it for ETH because ETH has a much lower transaction fee to send to a wallet, plus it confirms way faster than BTC currently.
You are using the mining pool called YiiMP. Currently the best pool (in my opinion) to mine Verge. They sent payouts every hour if you reach 0.1 XVG. To check your balance wallet with them, Just change the address in this link to your wallet address

Example of CCMiner running

Note: If your anti-virus goes crazy, it’s because most all anti-virus software hates any miner program, period. Not because it’s actually harming your computer, just because it’s mining cryptocurrency at all. Considering that’s the #1 use for miners is malware, this is understandable reaction from anti-virus software. However, do not fear! You can edit the .bat file to check yourself if anything fishing is going on. I assure you, there isn’t. But check for yourself if you want to just be on the safe side.