How to Save BIG on Verizon Wireless



Paying the Billyour bill to Verizon Wireless can be a big deal. You’re probably asking

“How can I save BIG on Verizon Wireless” or even my Cellphone bill at all?

Wouldn’t it be nice to put that money back into your pocket for another rainy day? Well I’d like to tell you about a secret (kinda secret anyways) about your #1 Wireless Carrier – Verizon Wireless.

Smartphone or No Smartphone

Smartphone or No Smartphone

Obviously the new generation will be running on smart devices, whether it be your phone or your dishwasher. But the question everyone will ask is..

Ebates cashback $10

Is it cheap enough for me?

This question may be, in fact, the #1 thing people are curious about with Cellphone bills,

“If I’m gonna save BIG on Verizon Wireless, then why is it so much?”

When you decide to join a Cellphone service, you typically have 3 options for you to choose from.

  1. Prepaid
  2. Contract (or Edge)
  3. No Contract / Bring Your Own Phone (This is the newest option)

While most people will quickly decide for #2, it’s not always the best option; in fact I would say it’s the worst option for the customer.

I’ll give you the prices for each of the options and list it’s unique features and you tell me which you think is better.

I’m using an example of a family of 4 people with smartphones and 10GB of data.

This is how to save BIG on Verizon Wireless!

How to save big on verizon wireless
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I hope I’ve shown you the difference between Verizon’s plans now.

This is excluding the Edge plan Verizon has introduced.

The Edge plan is the same as a contract plan, but this time only half the time of a contract.

 I recommend you to buy your own phone from people like Glyde or eBay.

That way you can use the BYOP option.


And that my friends is

How to save BIG on Verizon Wireless!

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