Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher!

Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 1

Lima, a product launched last week on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, raised more than a million dollars!
The small adaptor, engineered by US/french startup Cloud Guys Corporation, enables everyday users to transform their USB hard drives into a private, anti-PRISM file storage solution. It challenges the Cloud by unifying the memory of all consumer electronic devices.
Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 2
Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 3Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 4

Lima stores your files at Home. So you can be sure you own your storage. Nobody in the world can access your data, but you. And you don’t need to pay monthly fees for that. The storage technology inside Lima was designed so you can get your data back anytime, even if your Lima device is broken.

The security of your Lima device is the team’s first priority. Like a private datacenter, your Lima is far more difficult to hack than your computer. The  team works continuously with security experts to make sure it remains so. Like high security servers, your Lima will be frequently updated with security patches to keep it unaccessible from badly intentioned governments and individuals.
Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 5
Because your data is closer to you, Lima is also up to 60x faster than your traditional Cloud services, whenever you’re at Home.

The launch of Lima created a buzz, making its Kickstarter campaign meet its funding goal in only 12 hours. “We wanted to sell 1,000 devices in 60 days, to gather $69,000 of funding”, precises Severin Marcombes, CEO of Cloud Guys Corporation. “Finally, we gathered $69,000 in a night. In 48 hours, we had raised $200,000, nearly 3 times our funding goal. That’s simply incredible”. Lima was able to raise an incredible $1,229,074 at the end of the kickstarter!

Ebates cashback $10

Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 6“We are thrilled to see so many people interested in our project. The Kickstarter community is really supportive. We’re glad that our new way to define file storage meets so well people’s expectations, both in terms of usage and privacy”, comments Marcombes.
Meet Lima: The Dropbox Crusher! 7

Okay. So what’s the difference with DropBox?

This is quite different.

Dropbox, in many ways, can be considered as a virtual USB key : it’s like a small pen drive you copy your files into to move or edit them on other devices. At the difference that DropBox works with Internet, so you never have to carry your USB key around – which is quite handy. On the downside Dropbox is more expensive than a USB key, slower, and not your property because you have to rent it every month.

Like a USB key, DropBox is yet-another-memory. You need to manually copy your files into it, and it has a limit of size.

Lima is not yet-another-memory. It’s a way to make all your devices store their content at the same place. While DropBox tries to be a better version of our USB keys, Lima tries to correct the problem that forced us to use USB Keys in the first place.

We replace the memories of your devices by Lima, so all your devices can have exactly the same contents at all times.

There’s no dedicated folder where you have to move your files into. All your files are on Lima, from the files on your Desktop to the files in your Movies folder. So you don’t need to copy and move your files around anymore : just let them where they always have been, they’re already on your other devices.

Another big difference is that if you rent 1TB of DropBox storage, DropBox will take 1TB of storage on your devices so you can use it. When you add 1TB of storage to your Lima, your devices get 1TB bigger. Not the same product, not the same advantages.

Note: other Cloud services, such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud or SugarSync work similarly as DropBox

The Kickstarter campaign is here:

I plan on keeping an eye on such a device. This will blow away cloud storage providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, iCloud, etc.)

It is scheduled to begin shipping December 2013

They are shipping every 30 minutes now!