Why #Mobilegeddon matters to you

Am I #Mobilegeddon Ready
Am I #Mobilegeddon Ready


Ah yes, another lovely Google Search Algorithm update. It updates almost as much as your YouTube layout.

This time though, the Google update that is being released today under codename #Mobilegeddon; is aimed at Mobile devices, primarily the Smartphone and Tablet. Websites that adjust to the screen size of the device; which is called responsive; are what Google calls “Mobile Friendly” websites. My website for example is a Mobile Friendly website since I use a WordPress theme that will resize all the elements to fit your screen, whether big or small.

This really matters to Webmasters all over the web because this could mean $$$ to companies and businesses who still use their layout from 1990 with square blocks and iframes. It could cost them more money than they may ever hope to regain if they don’t act fast and fix their website’s layout to be Google’s “Mobile Friendly”.


How long until the Update kicks in?

Google reports it will kick in this week and results will be altered to reflect the changes later this week as well.


Quick Way to understand what #Mobilegeddon is



Is my site #Mobilegeddon Ready?

There is a simple way to know if Google will like, or dislike your website, and that is with their Official Mobile Friendly tester tool.

I’ve already tested my site and you can see the results on if Bentheman96 is Mobile Friendly.

I highly suggest you test your website, otherwise it may cost you more than you’re willing to pay later on this month and next month!