Hey there! Welcome to MyBuddyBen and I’m your SEO Expert! If you know who I am, then you know I’m your buddy, hence why I named my site MyBuddyBen. I’ve turned this website into a haven for Product Reviews, Personal Thoughts, and Help Guides. You know, stuff I care about and deal with often. I am also very much into CryptoCurrency! I’m also adding to a sub-website I made, called Music Chords with MyBuddyBen; It will be a library of songs with lyrics and chords. It’s all free, and you can donate a cup of coffee on the site if you find it helpful! 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll find some useful stuff on my website, and come back next time you need help.

You can hire me for your next website project! I am a webmaster and SEO Expert Ninja. You can view my portfolio and contact information right below. I manage servers and deal with businesses on a daily basis. I’ve handled security attacks and restored broken sites. Creating small blogs for students and small businesses is another niche area I deal with. So hit me up with your next idea and save some money in the process!