You need to Get a Website – One that’s SEO optimized!

You need to get a website, and be found by your target audience with SEO through search engines like Google? Great! That means you need search engine optimization (SEO).

I offer exactly what you need for the long-term success of your business, store, or online personality. With Over 90% of internet traffic being through organic searches through Google, it’s more critical now than ever to have SEO! Getting the proper on-page SEO will be important to your long-term marketing success.

First let me start by saying I’ll try my best to meet your exact needs and goals, while also suggesting ideas and what I’d think is potentially beneficial for you depending on your needs. Basically, I’ll give you advice based on the experience I have from working with many clients in a variety of niches. Below are just a handful of examples!

Can I SEO my own website?

There are over 200 unique ranking factors to optimizing your website with Google. A majority of business owners share it’s just too time-consuming to do it in-house. If you are in a competitive market that increases the difficulty.

SEO is also not a “one-time” tune-up, it is a subscription and ongoing battle for the attention of your audience. It would be the same to assume buying a billboard for one month is enough to get enough traffic for your business.

This is why SEO teams who specialize in marketing are critical for your website and marketing needs. Pick a team that has proven themselves with marketing your identity to your audience for your specific industry

How much does it cost to do SEO on a website?

While some charge a flat $500 fee, a true SEO expert will be upfront and honest that the labor required for ranking your website will be completely dependent on the competitiveness of the keywords you need to target.

Ranking for “Smartphone” will be extremely high and time-costly compared to a keyword such as “Florist near me”

You have to first establish where your audience is located.

Then how many competitors are in that space.

Then you’ll want to analyze how well they have marketed their company to your audience, and what are the steps to taking your company to the next level above them.

Types of Clients I’ve served

  • Forums with over 100,000 active daily users
  • Websites with over 10,000 unique users daily (320,000 monthly)
  • Nonprofits serving local communities
  • E-Commerce businesses with over 2,000 products
  • Bloggers / Vloggers posting guides and personal content
  • YouTubers giving a real-estate for their channel and content
  • Social Media influencers, giving a controlled area for presence
  • Minecraft Gamers, giving their own servers for worlds

Technical Specs of the setup

  • 24 Cores Dual CPU servers
  • Insane NVMe Edge Storage for Media and Databases
  • Highly optimized for speed database processing
  • Tight security with multi-layered firewalls
  • Redundant encrypted cloud-storage backup daily
  • Ultra-low latency DNS setup
  • Free CDN through Cloudflare

Examples of areas you may need me

  • Host your existing websites (Become your webmaster)
  • Create and host an idea for a website you have
  • Optimize your existing website for SEO benefits (Google SEO)
  • Fine-tune your WordPress blog/website for speed and security
  • Give counsel on where to start your business on the internet
  • Help you get started with making a website
  • Give you an online presence for your fans or customers
  • E-Commerce experience with websites with over 2000 products!
  • WordPress Ninja
  • Certified Bruce Clay Google SEO Ninja
  • Server manager

Just fill out the form below, and if you have a YouTube channel or Domain already, please include links to those in your message so I can do research beforehand and collect ideas.

I will try to get to every message within 24-48 hours during the week. But you will hear back from me!