Rising World Commands – v0.6.1

Rising World Steam

Rising World Commands List

These are commands for Rising World on Steam

For version 0.6.1

Source: forum.rising-world.net

Rising World Commands List

CONSOLE/Keyboard Keys

Game console is access one of the following key depending on your OS.

  • Accessing Console (Not controlled by client.properties):
    • Windows/Linux: ~(Tilde),`(Grave), OR ^(Carat) Key(Previously it was the F12 key.)
    • Mac: |(Pipe) & \(Back Slash) Key
  • Console Commands:
    • setspawn – You can sleep in beds but they do not reset your spawn button
    • setinventory – changes the default inventory on spawn/respawn
    • setgametype – changes game mode
      • 0 – Normal game mode
      • 1 – Semi-Creative mode (Godmode and instant break with tools)
    • settime or tod – Change the ingame time
      mark – Saves your current position

      • 7 – Dawn/Sunrise
      • 8 – Full Morning
      • 21 – Sunset/Dusk
      • 22 – Full night
    • goto <destination> – known options
      • #spawn – teleports to the spawn point
      • #mark (or gotomark) – teleport to previously “mark”ed position
      • <Playername>
    • getplayerinfo <player> – Gives you information about a player like IP address
    • makeadmin <player> – gives admin rights to a player
    • kick <player> [reason] – kicks player from game, reason optional
  • F1 – Help
    • Provides Button Reference Help view for placing construction items
    • Provides Button Reference for placing objects
  • F2 – Fly/clipping off mod – Use to save from falling through the world and to Fly ;)
    • you cannot interact with objects while flying, you must land first
    • Addition Keys Used
      • Move Down: Crouch(Left-Ctrl)
      • Move Up: Jump(Space)
      • Normal Speed – Page-Up
      • Slow Speed – Page-Down
  • F3 – Debug/display information (take 4 or 5 times to cylce through these to clear them)
  • L-key – Player sourced strong white light

TOOLS Commands

Here are the tools and their functions:

  • Pickaxe – All your digging needs for dirt, stone, etc., also for breaking all placed blocks, objects, and construction components in the world.
  • Axe – Tree Chopping and Bush removed, also takes out ferns effectively
  • Sickle – Cuts/Clears tall grass in a small area, harvests plants for saplings
    • Left Click: cuts then clears tall grass
    • Right Click: only cuts grass
  • Scythe – Cuts/Clears tall grass in a larger area
    • Right/Left click same as Sickle
  • Rake – Smooths out dirt terrain and turns grass terrain to dirt (useful for making paths)
    • Left Click – Smooth with more propensity to lower terrain
    • Right Click – Smooth with more propensity to raise terrain
    • Occasionally you will need use your pickaxe to dig out a uncooperating piece of terrain
  • Sledge Hammer – Smooths down stone terrain and alters stone texture (no alt function currently)
  • Weapons – Sword, Battle Axe, and Morning Star – Slash, Hack, and Smash <Target> respectively
  • Clock – Place in Equipment portion of Inventory – Use O-key(Gui Changeable) to access time of day in game
  • Compass – Place in Equipment portion of Inventory – Use K-Key(Gui Changeable) to access compass in game

Resources Commands:

Plant Resources
World collectable resources:

  • Wood (Small Tree 4/5 Logs, Large Tree 7/8 Logs, plus 0-3 Sapling)
    • Axe + Tree
    • Tree stumps can be removed
      • Take 2 swings more then felling the tree does
      • Yields one additional log
    • Wood blocks give 4 blocks per log (regardless of Shape)
    • Sapling spawn when tree is chopped into log pieces at the “top” of the logs
      • Planted Saplings grow over time through multiple stages
      • The more mature tree means more resources gained from cutting it down
    • Six Types: Maple, Spruce, Willow, Birch, Apple, Lemon (Plus old generic logs still exist, but not dropped any more by any tree)
      • Each own log type, no use differences at this time
      • Mature Apple and Lemon trees produce fruit
        • 6 fruit per picking, tree remains
  • Pumpkins found growing wildly randomly through out the world
    • Rare Plant – Decent Visibility
    • Only used for Jack o’Lanterns so far
    • Not currently farmable or plantable
  • Flowers
    • Very Common Plant – Good Visible
    • Found in 5 natural colors – Pink/Purple, Yellow, Blue, Orange(Uncommon), and White
    • Can be replanted, but not farmed
    • can be destroyed with a single swipe of most tools
  • Melons
    • Common Plant – Low Visibility
    • Can be split into 8 slices, and consumed
    • Not currently farmable or plantable
  • Tomatoes
    • Common Plant – Very Good Visibility
    • Harvest:
      • 4 fruit from picking, Vine remains
      • Sickle: 2 Saplings on bare vine, 3 Saplings and 4 fruit on Ripe Vine
  • Lettuce(Salad)
    • Extremely Rare Plant – Probably Very Poor Visiblity
    • Harvest
      • 1 Salad per plant
      • Sickle: 3 Saplings and 1 Salad on fully mature plant
  • Carrots
    • Very Common Plant – Poor Visibility (Suggestion: Look on steep hills for light green)
    • Harvest
      • 1 carrot per plant
      • Sickle: 3 Saplings and 1 Carrot on fully mature plant
  • Broccoli
    • Extremely Rare Plant – Probably very poor visibility
    • Harvest:
      • 1 Bunch from picking, Plant remains
      • Sickle: 1 Saplings on bare plant, 2 Saplings and 1 bunch on Ripe Plant
  • Potatoes
    • Extremely Rare Plant – Probably poor visibility
    • Harvest
      • 2 Potatoes per plant
      • Sickle: 2 Saplings and 2 Potatoes on fully mature plant
  • Strawberries
    • Extremely Rare Plant – Probably poor visibility
    • Harvest:
      • 1 Bunch from picking, Plant remains
      • Sickle: 1 Saplings on bare plant, 2 Saplings and 1 bunch on Ripe Plant

Mining Resources:
A variety of resources from digging into the ground:

  • Dirt (2-5 pieces per dig break action)
    • Use pickaxe on brown or grass terrain
    • Can be placed on Dirt/Stone
    • Also counts as stone currently for purposes of crafting
  • Stone (2-5 pieces per dig break action)
    • Use Pickaxe on grey stone terrain
    • Can be placed on Dirt/Stone
    • gives 1 block per stone (regardless of shape)
  • ORES – These have been added but I just haven’t done enough mining to document – Look for future update

Non-Craftable Resources
Items needed for crafting that are not produced from raw resources. This is until additional base resources are added to the game.

  • Glass for construction/window frames – Free from Saw Table

Creative Item Spawn
This is why I didn’t place this with the other command.
Dev’s recommend that you just spawn base resources and craft the items from there.

Console Commands

  • item <type/shape> <quantity> [variation]
    • Shapes (variations): block, cylinder, halfcylinder, ramp, stair1, stair2
    • type (no variation): treelog, lumber, stick, torch, clock, compass, ironsheet, ironrods, ironrodm, nvg, maplesapling, pinesapling, apple
    • Variations: is a number representing the texture
Rising World - Block ID's 1st page Rising World - Block ID's 2nd page Rising World - Block ID's 3rd page
  • object <objectname>
    • Objects: workbench, sawmill, blockbench, anvil, piano
  • Useful examples:
    • Spawn Stack of Stone: item ore 64 3 (Thanks @Carlzilla)
    • Spawn Stack of Logs: item treelog 32
    • Spawn Tree Saplings:
      • item saplingapple 64
      • item saplingbirch 64
      • item saplinglemon 64
      • item saplingmaple 64
      • item saplingspruce 64
      • item saplingwillow 64
    • Spawn Crops:
      • item saplingsalad 64 (Lettuce)
      • item saplingpotato 64
      • item saplingcarrot 64
      • item saplingstrawberry 64
      • item saplingbroccoli 64
      • item saplingtomato 64
  • More item spawn commands can be found on Meltron’s Wall of Text

General Information

These are general information that players may find useful, or unusual

  • World is 1152 blocks tall with the surface taking 256 blocks and the rest of them are below your feet
  • There is a known issue that some items/construction objects do not remove properly.
  • Rake/Sledge Hammer do not use or collect resources
  • There is no current means to re-grow or spread grass terrain or long grass, once removed it is gone.
  • Blocks and Objects do not prevent each other from placement
  • There are 2 pages of inventory in Chests
  • Kitchen Cabinets have usable storage in them
  • The Piano is playable in Game
  • Posters allow you to import pictures into the game
  • There is a Lava Area, just keep going down 😛
  • The only water in game is in the swimming pool in the clouds…