February 4, 2023

The Importance of Using ChatGPT for SEO Digital Marketing Purposes

What is SEO Digital Marketing and Why is it Important? In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a robust […]
November 11, 2020

How to get Google One 100GB FREE every month!

Google charges $1.99 for the 100GB plan currently with Google One. But If you signup and use a Discover Card to pay for it, you’ll get […]
January 10, 2020

Band n71 with T-Mobile 5G – Explained

Everyone is excited about 5G coming soon! But what you may be missing is that all phones before 2020 (with 2 exclusions) will not work on […]
November 9, 2019

Internet Privacy – People need control over their data in 2020

The World Wide Web plays a huge role in the lives of people around the globe in today’s living conditions. Treating the internet with the same […]
April 1, 2019

You’re a Chameleon

As I reflect on the faces I’ve seen, the places I’ve been, and the people I’ve known personally, I can say that people are people and […]
January 22, 2018

How to connect multiple Smart Life devices from Amazon

If you enjoy using Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant with your phone, google home, or google home mini, then you must be using the home control […]
June 29, 2017

How to set up BunnyCDN with WordPress using WP Rocket

Setting up BunnyCDN with your WordPress site is simple. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be done in 4 simple steps. Step 1: […]
November 3, 2016

How to fully backup a linux server to B2 Backblaze with Hashbackup

In this guide, I’ll show you how to backup your server with Hashbackup and send it to B2 Backblaze cloud storage. We all hate the idea […]