Technology Guides and Tutorials How to connect multiple Smart Life devices from Amazon

How to connect multiple Smart Life devices from Amazon

How to setup multiple smart devices from Amazon to Google Assistant alexa and IFTTT with Smart Life

If you enjoy using Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant with your phone, google home, or google home mini, then you must be using the home control features with Smart Life by now. And if you’re like me, you’re bought most of your smart outlets from Amazon and discovered that most of them use different apps! Some are TP-links, others Smart Life, another may be Lombex for like your smart light bulb. But here’s the problem, when you go to connect them to your Google assistant, you can only link 1 account. So that causes a problem for me with different branded apps. What’s the solution? Read below to find out 😉

Connect Smart life to IFTTT

IFTTT Smart Life Connect screen

Consider connecting your smart life account to IFTTT (If this, then that) so you can automate with many 3rd party services. The services (far as I know) are free to use without limitation. You could have the lamp turn blue if it’s gonna rain today, or have it change to green if snow is expected. This is the power of smart devices in the home!

Examples of devices that support Smart Life

Here are examples of products on Amazon that does support Smart life, I’m sure you’ll see what’s in common between them.

How to connect devices to Smart Life app


1. Download the Smart Life app

Download the Smart Life app (Android or iOS