Ben’s Graduation 2015

Bens graduation 2015

My, how time has flown by! I can still remember doing K5 with Farmer Brown, and now I’ve graduated.. Hardly seems fair that time passes as quickly as it does. Sometimes you wish you could just slow down and remember the memories you’ve had long ago.

To me, the past 12-13 years seems like a long time, while to others who are up in age than me wouldn’t feel the same way. I remember almost every student’s name in my 3rd grade class. I even ran into my 3rd grade teacher, Miss. Fann, recently and spoke with her. She still recognized me and said “You’ve hardly changed Ben.” We were both wanting to get cream sodas from the cooler, which is how we ran into each other.

I remember the hard times for me to discipline myself to follow through on my homework, sometimes I neglected to do it and in the end I paid for it. There were some subjects though I really enjoyed and poured my all into. There was this one year I had Literature in a Café setting, and if you know me at all, you know I love some good home-brewed coffee! So that really clicked with me and I enjoyed it.

Time just passes by too fast! It’s sometimes hard for me to wrap my mind around that… Sometimes you can even get depressed by it if you focus on the things you wished you did. But I’ve come to understand, I can’t change the past. No matter how much I wish I could have controlled certain events, I understand it wasn’t within my control and what’s in the past, stays in the past. I have a future to look forward to and I plan to work hard to reach the goals I’ve set for myself.

The GED was not an easy test, at least not the new 2014 version they released. I had to take the new GED, which if you’re currently over 20 reading this, you can’t understand what I had to answer. The questions did not deal with solving the problems given directly, but rather it wanted you to think about it “critically.” And that was the whole set-up of the tests. I took 4 tests, English, Social Studies, Science, and Math (simpler names than what they give them).

If you had to guess which subject I did best in, which would you choose? Go ahead.. I’ll wait…


I did the best in Social Studies, passing with Honors. It was surprising to both me and the instructor! She mentioned “A majority of the people who take that tests do the worst in Math and Social Studies.”

Well guess which one I did the worst in (Not bad in it, just worst in comparison to the other subjects)

Got a good guess?

Yep, you guessed right. It’s Math..
Again, not because I didn’t know the material they were asking, but rather I couldn’t understand the questions they asked! I knew 90% of the material needed to answer the questions they asked, but they worded the questions so weird that to comprehend it, you’d have to be the one who wrote it. I honestly don’t believe most adults and business owners would easily pass the GED, not the new one.

In the end, making honors didn’t mean anything actually. It just meant I scored closer to a perfect score. And besides, when I apply for a job, they won’t be asking if I had honors on the GED, they just want to know I have one.

I’m still praying on what road to take now that I have graduated. I have more than a couple of paths I could take, but I want the best one with the model future I have in mind for my future family.

I’m very thankful for parents like I have. If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t have the education that I do have now. I’m very blessed that the Lord choose for me to have them. I’m thankful for Mom putting up with me and also helping me through the tough times of school. I couldn’t ask for a better Mom.

Thank you Mom! Thank you Dad!

We’ll make sure once you’re up in age, you won’t have to go to the nursing home. 😁

Thank you to all my friends who have been there to chat with me, encourage me, and overall just been a good connection for me.