Day 477 – March Green & Blue


The Poll Results

According to the votes received to the *late* poll, Green and Blue won!
Survey results Day 477


Here are some new progress photos as well.

I haven’t been doing the “Day to Day” photos because I’ve been way too busy with working on websites.


Day 337 - Gap on Right Side
Day 337 – Gap on Right Side

Right side
Day 477 – Gap on Right Side (Before Tighten)

Day 337 - Left Side
Day 337 – Left Side

Day 477 -Left side
Day 477 -Left side

Day 337 - Front
Day 337 – Front

Front Teeth
Front Teeth (Before Tighten)
Selfie (Before Going to Dr. Wall)

On a side note

I was able to optimize my blog to run a lot faster πŸ™‚ So yay me!

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