Day 525 – [Closed] Vote for my colors | For this Thursday!


Hey gang

Sorry for the rush on this vote, but I forgot to get the votes for the color of my next set of bands. But here is the poll for this Thursday 5-8-2014

Survey Says

Teal and Rainbow was tied so I will decide on the color….

Dum dum dum *dramatic music*

Since I’ve already worn Teal before, I’m gonna go out into the water with Rainbow this time 🙂

Rainbow wins!

For 7/4/2014

I will not be hosting a Poll for the month of July, as I have already made plans to use the Red/White/Blue colors 🙂 I deeply hope Dr. Wall will be able to squeeze me into an appt. before the fourth of July so that I can get those colors for our family photos.

How to Vote

It’s really simple! Just select a color at the bottom of this post, and vote :) If it asks you to login, you can choose to either use a social network service or vote anonymously.

[socialpoll id=”2199966″]

  • J M.

    I vote rainbow for Bens braces