Day 767 – New Year 2015!


Happy New Year 2015

Dear Ben, this year you should be more productive! Blog more! Take more photos to track your progress! Drink less Coffee more water!

~Yours truly


I’d like to post a photo today of my braces. I am trying to finish up the gap on my right side. It’s the last thing required before getting my braces off and I’m getting excited. This last visit to Dr. Walls has been painful in the sense of my bottom teeth are really sore! My top teeth aren’t so bad, still sensitive to pressure, but not bad.

I’ve also recently bought Luster Whitening Kit for my braces. Dr. Wall said “over the counter” whitening isn’t bad for teeth as long as it’s the kind that goes into the teeth and not just brighten the surface of the teeth. So far the front of the teeth are looking shades better, but it’s not getting between the teeth. It looks like I will need to get my water-jet flosser and blast the stain away… If that is even possible.

2015-01-02 15.06.03This was taken today, 01/02/2015

As you can see the right side is what needs to close to finish the gaps.

I am hopefully also going to get my teeth polished and whiten once the braces are off. That way my senior pictures will look totally awesome!



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