Day 295 – Autumn Colors


Today I will be getting my braces adjusted again. I’m thinking about getting the color black or a real dark orange for Autumn.

Here are the progress pictures.

Today (Day 295) New Bands (Red & Orange)


Today (Day 295) Old Bands

Here are my new bands. As you can see they added a new powerchain to the top to begin pulling all the top teeth together, and close the gap made from the K9 teeth. I will have to be going more often now to quickly close the gap and make more progress! The back teeth are sore and it is hard to chew, even on Mini-Wheats for breakfast.

These are the bands from my last adjustment. The K9 teeth have both been pushed to the back successfully. From what I understand, they should be putting a powerchain on the front top teeth to begin pulling them back and fill in the gap. I have noticed some sensitive areas on my bottom teeth when I go to bite down on different types of food.

Day 246 (Last adjustment) Orange

This is from my adjustment on Day 246. Things went well from that day to now. Not too much pain. You know, after a while, you get use to the pain that comes from the braces. It isn’t so bad once you’ve worn them for a while.

Day 1 / Day 9

This is when I first got the braces one. I have mixed up the dates though. You will see on some of my posts saying that picture is from Day 1. Its Day 1 of me having braces ON. But it’s really Day 9 of the Braces Project. Day 1 would really be when I received the spacers.. OOh the pain! But I do see a lot of progress from the pictures and plan to continue to take them.

Some of y’all may be wondering where the video of them changing out the bands is. Well the video file is over 3GB. Which is really huge! And I’m no longer in Summer Break, so I have school to do. I barely get time for myself anymore because of the stacks of homework I have to do. But I hope to get it up soon.
I also noticed some of my blog posts having over 400 thousand 1+ on Google Plus!! I am completely and utterly shocked!! Thanks for the support guys!

I will be doing a survey (not for this adjustment) but the next. So make sure to add yourself to the follow list on this blog!!

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  • Keep on keeping on. Looking great.! It Will be worth all the pain in the end
    Luv ya much. Gamma

  • Nice fall colors like the leaves this time of year red and orange. I love this time of year
    Hang in there. :). Maybe it’s about 1/2 over. Lol
    Luv ya. Gmama