Day 337 – My Birthday!

day 337

Today is my birthday! Awesome 17! Yay!

But I also went back to Dr. Wall’s to get my braces tighten again. My mouth is sore from the new wire on the top. They gave me Rubberbands today (different from my colored bands) that will help adjust my overbite. They are kinda annoying and I have to wear them 24×7 (Except at certain meals and brushing teeth). I have to change them out twice a day with new bands. So yeah..

I noticed as I rode through a city that they were getting ready for a parade, so I choose the colors from the parade as my braces colors, which is Black & Red. I have 27 Dr. Mike’s Money Tokens. When I get 30 (Which will be next time) I’ll be able to get a $25 Visa gift card. Yay!

Mom took me through McDonalds for my bday and let me get a Medium Chocolate Milkshake! It kinda hurt sucking on the straw but the coldness felt soothing. I’ll post the before and after photos soon as I get time on the computer guys. Sorry for not posting much on here recently. I’ve been booked up to my nose with school and homework. I’m sure my fellow brothers and sisters in Junior year understand. =)

 Thanks for reading!

P.S. SO SORRY for not posting the survey this time. Just didn’t get around to it. I’m giving you a heads up that I won’t be posting the survey for the next colors either, because I’ve already chosen them. I’m getting Green & Red for Christmas Season. I’ll be getting the new bands first week of December I believe. So it will work out great. But after getting my Green and Red bands, I’ll try to post the survey for the bands after that.



Before new bands – Day 337
Close up on gap ~old bands – Day 337


  • Happy Birthday to my handsome and talented and anointed grandson. I love you much . Gmama