How to upload 60fps 1080p Videos to Google Photos

Google Photos Videos Storage

Everybody loves Google Photos for their phone and tablet right? And how they offer FREE Unlimited storage for all your Photos and Videos (up to 1080p) to 20 minutes. And many of people ask “Is it true that Google Photos does store your 60fps videos in 60fps” ; The simple answer is YES!

But for us avid video recorders, we love using our new smartphones with 60fps videos, sometimes even 4k resolution. Well there is a secret way on how to upload 60fps 1080p videos to Google Photos and it still fall inside the Unlimited Storage option within Google Photos. Here’s how to do it!

1Go to Google Photos on your Phone

  • Open up Google Photos app on your phone/tablet (Android or iPhone)
  • Go into Settings
  • Select “Unlimited Storage”
  • Begin “backup of everything”

2Go to

Instead of going to to see your videos, do this.

  • Go to
  • On the right sidebar; click Import near “Import your videos from Google Photos”
  • Select the video and click Import
  • Set the Privacy setting from Public to “Private”
  • Once the video is processed, you can go to My Videos to view the 60fps 1080p videos. It will also have 720p 60fps videos once you import them.


You’ve successfully imported the 60fps 1080p version of your video directly from Google Photos library into your YouTube. Now you can watch it forever on there, and even delete it once you don’t want it. Don’t worry though! It’s still stored on Google Photos and you can always re-import the video again!